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I'm a UK-based creative with a love of the fantastical. With every design, I strive to find balance between functionality and aesthetics. My keenest interests are in gaming, education and mobile design; however, I am adaptable and eager to contribute my skills to a diverse range of projects. I'm excited to work with you to create something truly magical!



Graphic Design

I put my creativity and technical skills to good use to create visually appealing and impactful designs for various media, including print, digital, and multimedia platforms.

UI/UX Design

Design transcends mere aesthetics; collaboratively, we have the power to craft something that is not only beautiful but also functional, accessible, and consistent.

Art & Illustration

Whether it's fantasy woodland landscapes or 2D fruit assets to sit on your virtual tabletop, I can craft digital art tailored to your business needs.



While it might sound cliché to claim, "I've been designing my entire life," I nonetheless believe I've had a natural inclination towards it since the word go. My professional journey commenced with the pursuit of a degree in computer science. However, as I immersed myself in studies, I discovered my passion lay not in software development, but in design. This realization prompted a pivot in my career path, and its where I've been ever since.

Over the past decade, my professional design journey has taken many paths, from print to digital design, UI/UX, and illustration. I've had the privilege of working with clients ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. This journey has been a testament to my commitment to and love for the field of design, shaping not just my career but defining the way I approach every project.

Additional Skills

  •  Social Media
  •  Crowdfunding
  •  Project Management
  •  Print Design
  •  Motion Design

Software Skills

  •  Photoshop
  •  Illustrator
  •  After Effects
  •  InDesign
  •  Premiere Pro
  •  Figma
  •  Microsoft Office Suite
  •  Live2D Cubism
  •  HTML / CSS

Hobbies & Interests

  •  Tabletop Games
  •  Gaming Rhythm | RPG | MMO
  •  Crafts Papercraft | Marker Art
  •  Virtual Photography
  •  My Cat
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